Scarves for Kids

As it is getting colder, I went to the store today in search of some scarves for my kids.  I was frustrated to find that while hats and gloves were in abundance, there were not any scarves.  They had some in the men’s section but they were not very warm.  The only place I could find scarves was in the women’s section.

Annoyed, I found a few in the women’s section that were gender neutral, in color and pattern, that would work for my boys.  The only problem left was they were too big.  I decided to put my sewing skills to the test and alter these scarves that I found. Continue reading Scarves for Kids

An Exciting Way to Start the School Year

At the beginning of the school year we decided to have a school kick off party with our homeschooling friends to celebrate and help us all to start with fresh excitement.  For the kids it made the school year more exciting and lessened the realization of hard work.  For the moms it was a very nice way to celebrate our renewed commitment to our kids Continue reading An Exciting Way to Start the School Year