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As it is getting colder, I went to the store today in search of some scarves for my kids.  I was frustrated to find that while hats and gloves were in abundance, there were not any scarves.  They had some in the men’s section but they were not very warm.  The only place I could find scarves was in the women’s section.

Annoyed, I found a few in the women’s section that were gender neutral, in color and pattern, that would work for my boys.  The only problem left was they were too big.  I decided to put my sewing skills to the test and alter these scarves that I found.

As the women’s section had a variety of materials I narrowed our selection to the scarves made of fleece material.  That way they would be warm and kid friendly.

Since the scarves that I found were infinity scarves (a scarf that is one big circle rather than being one line with two ends), I tested the length on my kids before I cut them.  I altered two scarves for four kids.  As two of my boys are about the same size, it was easy to cut one in half for them and split the second scarf for the oldest child to share with the youngest.

For the youngest, I made a basic neck wrap and added some Velcro using the color I had on hand.  As he is under a year, he didn’t need a full scarf and it was much more practical to make a neck wrap that I could easily, and loosely attach around him to keep him warm.

I finished the edges on the final scarf and was very pleased with the finished products.  It only took me about 10 minutes to measure, cut, and sew the edges of all four scarves, and add the velcro to the baby neck wrap.

Never underestimate the flexibility that comes with a sewing machine and a little bit of creativity!

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