Help with Health: Learning About Vitamins with Flash Cards

As I currently have one child in third grade and one in kindergarten I have several subjects in which they share materials. Health is one of them. I purchased a curriculum that is geared for the older child and then I supplement for the younger one.

Recently they were learning all about the different vitamins, which is quite confusing for the one in Kindergarten. So I started searching online for worksheets that would be helpful to him.  I didn’t find anything helpful, so we made our own.

I got out some flash cards, markers and his textbook, and together we made some flash cards that would help him remember which vitamin was which.  The flash cards showed how each vitamin helps the body, and what foods need to be eaten to get that vitamin.  On the back, we included simple facts that he would need to remember.

He loved helping with this project, and the action of coloring in the right foods by the item really helped him to connect each vitamin to that food.  He got excited and would look ahead in the book and choose which food he was going to color next.

To help him remember that there are eight B vitamins, we drew 8 bees on the card.

After we finished the cards, we went through them together, and he noticed how several cards shared food types and realized that vitamins work together in our food and in our body to help us grow and stay healthy.  Then at lunch, he looked at the food on his plate and verbally listed what vitamins he was about to eat.  He was so proud of himself when he remembered what he had learned.

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  1. Those flash cards for the different vitamins are such a wonderful, creative idea! Definitely made learning the different vitamins fun for Timmy!

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