AZ State Fair Field Trip

This year we loved our time at the Arizona State Fair. We found a deal to get in early for a field trip with a few other homeschooling families.  So we were able to get into the park three hours before the rides and games were open. Our field trip deal allowed all kids in for free and one adult received free admission with every 5 kids. Continue reading AZ State Fair Field Trip

Creation Museum Field Trip

We were able to take a nice visit to the Creation Museum, in Petersburg, KY.  It was a wonderful trip the whole family loved.  Starting at Creation and going through Noah’s Ark, to the Cross, it was a wonderful experience for us all. We all loved how you could see history played out and man’s role in all of it.   Continue reading Creation Museum Field Trip

Help with Health: Learning About Vitamins with Flash Cards

As I currently have one child in third grade and one in kindergarten I have several subjects in which they share materials. Health is one of them. I purchased a curriculum that is geared for the older child and then I supplement for the younger one. Continue reading Help with Health: Learning About Vitamins with Flash Cards