Affordable Family Vacation in NYC

As a family, we decided to save up for a fun trip to see some family this year in New York. We all made some sacrifices in order to save enough money on a monthly basis, and we were rewarded with a trip of a lifetime. We went on a field trip every day, for free, and had so much fun together.  It was the best vacation we’ve had in a long time. Continue reading Affordable Family Vacation in NYC

Participate in Homeschool Days at Heritage Square

Every year the museum at Heritage Square opens itself up to homeschoolers for a fun, hands on and interactive field trip, and they call it Homeschool Days at Heritage Square. Continue reading Participate in Homeschool Days at Heritage Square

AZ State Fair Field Trip

This year we loved our time at the Arizona State Fair. We found a deal to get in early for a field trip with a few other homeschooling families.  So we were able to get into the park three hours before the rides and games were open. Our field trip deal allowed all kids in for free and one adult received free admission with every 5 kids. Continue reading AZ State Fair Field Trip

Creation Museum Field Trip

We were able to take a nice visit to the Creation Museum, in Petersburg, KY.  It was a wonderful trip the whole family loved.  Starting at Creation and going through Noah’s Ark, to the Cross, it was a wonderful experience for us all. We all loved how you could see history played out and man’s role in all of it.   Continue reading Creation Museum Field Trip

Scarves for Kids

As it is getting colder, I went to the store today in search of some scarves for my kids.  I was frustrated to find that while hats and gloves were in abundance, there were not any scarves.  They had some in the men’s section but they were not very warm.  The only place I could find scarves was in the women’s section.

Annoyed, I found a few in the women’s section that were gender neutral, in color and pattern, that would work for my boys.  The only problem left was they were too big.  I decided to put my sewing skills to the test and alter these scarves that I found. Continue reading Scarves for Kids

Teaching at Home with a Toddler

The challenges of homeschooling can be overwhelming by themselves, but by adding the erratic behavior of a toddler into the mix can make it even more difficult.  Here are a few things that I have done to keep my toddler busy, quiet or occupied so I could focus my attention on teaching an older child.   Continue reading Teaching at Home with a Toddler

10 Toddler Rules to Live By

No one has perfect kids, and we don’t claim to be perfect either.  In our house we like to encourage positive behavior and especially with toddlers a list of “Do’s” is better than a list of “Don’ts”.  We couple our list of positive behaviors with scripture, as once our children verbally put their trust in Christ and believe in him, we then use these verses for training Godly Christian character.  For non-christian families, this list is still a good form of character qualities to instill in a child, the reasons for following them may differ. Continue reading 10 Toddler Rules to Live By

Get Pumped Up: Affordable PE in the Home

Sometimes it is challenging to include physical education electives into homeschooling on a regular basis. It is easy to just sign the kids up for seasonal sports or gymnastics and use that as their physical fitness. But the whole family can get fit and have fun together without much cost with PE in the home.

With the integration of just a few items, and a wide range of activities, the kids will have lots of fun getting fit, and mom and dad will get a chance to reminisce of when they excelled at one or more activities. Continue reading Get Pumped Up: Affordable PE in the Home