The Best Way to Start the Day

I have many happy homeschooling memories, from my childhood.  In my house, I was my mother’s alarm clock.  I know that she did not always love that, but I certainly did.  The memories I have of our mornings together have had quite the impact on my life with my own kids.  I can see how the things we did to start the day had a profound impact on the rest of the day.

Start the Day Intentionally

Promptly at 7:45, I would get up and let her know that I was awake. I would go and make my mom coffee and she let me turn on the Christian radio station while we had breakfast. The music infused with God’s encouraging words uplifted us and helped us have a proper mindset for the day ahead of us. Now that I have a family of my own, I find myself following the same type of course. I make and drink my coffee while I listen to Christian radio. The music helps my kids to wake up and see the good in the day, as well as teach them more about God’s word and the impact he has on our lives.  It also helps them to be more excited about reading the Bible.

When the Music Comes Alive

The lyrics are often so wonderfully encouraging, and they speak to our hearts. So many times, God has spoken to this tired, discouraged mom through Christian music. Through times of depression, discouragement, sickness, or just the times when life hits hard and doesn’t seem to stop, there are songs from others in the same place, and they found scripture that heals the broken, tired and mistreated. Many times my children have asked questions of some lyrics and it is wonderful to be able to pick the songs apart and compare the words to God’s word. The lyrics have a way of sticking with us through the day and have a wonderful impact on our thoughts and behaviors. It helps me to relax and let God control our day. Let him do the teaching. When I do, at the end of the day, I can see his hand guiding us through. Often we end up accomplishing more than I ever expected, and my house will end up clean too!

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