Creation Museum Field Trip

We were able to take a nice visit to the Creation Museum, in Petersburg, KY.  It was a wonderful trip the whole family loved.  Starting at Creation and going through Noah’s Ark, to the Cross, it was a wonderful experience for us all. We all loved how you could see history played out and man’s role in all of it.  IMG_20140705_094957

The Noah’s Ark life size portion was just amazing.  Being able to walk around inside just a portion of what the Ark looked like (as described in the Bible) really helped us picture how big it really was.  We love that our children had that experience, and know how it is that all those animals were able to fit.

Of course, we all loved the dinosaurs best!  We walked all around choosing our favorites.  Our family really liked being able to go to a fun place like a museum and grow stronger in our beliefs as a family there, together.


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