AZ State Fair Field Trip

This year we loved our time at the Arizona State Fair. We found a deal to get in early for a field trip with a few other homeschooling families.  So we were able to get into the park three hours before the rides and games were open. Our field trip deal allowed all kids in for free and one adult received free admission with every 5 kids. Continue reading AZ State Fair Field Trip

7 Reasons Why Camping Counts for School

Our world today is so fast paced and technology driven.  Sometimes it is best to slow down and spend time as a family in nature.  By unplugging, we are able to teach our children how to live.  We teach them what is important in life.  They gain life skills that they can fall back on and they learn recreational activities that can develop into hobbies that define who they are.  We take them beyond everyday safety and experiences and help them to grow. Continue reading 7 Reasons Why Camping Counts for School