AZ State Fair Field Trip

This year we loved our time at the Arizona State Fair. We found a deal to get in early for a field trip with a few other homeschooling families.  So we were able to get into the park three hours before the rides and games were open. Our field trip deal allowed all kids in for free and one adult received free admission with every 5 kids.

We got to go through the other attractions, contest winners, livestock and educational exhibits without the usual distractions or the masses of people. Sure, there were a few school buses there then too, but compared to normal state fair hours the place was quite empty.

So we really enjoyed our trip to the AZ State Fair and really liked the educational encouragement from those who put on the fair and allowed these deals.  We could tell that the people who worked so hard on these exhibits really liked seeing others learn and enjoy from their efforts.

Last year we met a cow that had just been born.  This year we met the same cow and the kids were shocked at how much a cow grew in just one year.

We finished up all the exhibits around lunchtime, and got to enjoy lunch and a few rides before the fair started to fill up with others. This year the kids could participate in a reading program to get free tickets for rides, if they read three books. They did need to provide a brief summary of the books they read in order to get the tickets.  This was great motivation and a nice reward.

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