The Benefits of a Science Museum Membership

This year we chose to get a membership to the local Arizona Science Center as we found it had a lot to offer, and would be worth spending several days there.

Right away we were glad we got a membership there as we didn’t get through every room our first visit! There is so much to learn and do in each room that it was nice and easy to be able to focus on just one area and spend as much time there as we wanted.

It’s really neat when we see an exhibit that plays right into what the kids have learned in their studies at home, and it takes that area of learning to another level.

We love all the hands on exhibits, and the various facts and tips around each area that help expound on things.  Most of all we love that they are encouraged to explore, create and sometimes get messy.

As you’ll see in other posts, one huge benefit to getting a membership to the science center is the affiliation with other science museums around the country. This allows us to get discounts and free admission to many other museums.


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